jeudi 11 mars 2010

Pitch Fiction

Galerie RDV, Nantes

"Matthieu Crimersmois is a DJ. He already did that before he embarked upon his studies at the ESBANM, and now that he graduated, turntablism is at the heart of his work. Pitch Fiction is the image of a dj, fading into form in white pixels on a black screen, whose music slowly emerges out of the noise. This music is a reflection of his own movements, and the video is in that sense an image of an experimenting turntablist, who is at first a captive of his virtual environment but gradually assumes control of it through his bodily experience. Both the sound and the image have a material base in Mathieu’s own movements and in recordings made from deformed vinyl records, but they are deformed through open source MAX/MSP software that maps sounds unto visuals."

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